Civic Federation and GRA Information

About the Civic Federation

The Civic Federation is an independent, non-partisan government research organization founded in 1894. The Federation's membership includes business and professional leaders from a wide range of Chicago area corporations, professional service firms and institutions. The Civic Federation seeks to assist public policy opinion leaders in the Chicago area and to advance issues such as property tax reform, tax simplification, privatization, and joint purchasing with the objective of improving governmental efficiency and financial accountability.

About GRA

The Governmental Research Association, founded in 1914, is the national organization of individuals professionally engaged in governmental research. The purpose of the Association is to encourage individuals and organizations to engage in governmental research in the general interest. Governmental research involves the collection, analysis, and distribution of factual information on governmental activities to citizens and officials for the improvement of government and the reduction of its cost.

The Annual Policy Conference began in 1975 and serves as a platform for its members to meet and discuss professional matters, exchange ideas, and recognize outstanding research efforts. If you would like more information about GRA, please visit

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