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News-Gazette Column: Illinois has way too much of a bad thing

Posted on March 12, 2021

The News-Gazette

By Jim Dey

One of the unique aspects of a governmental entity going broke is that few notice — or even object — until the ship of state founders.

That’s the way it’s been with government at all levels in Illinois. Times keep getting harder and harder, eliciting little but yawns from the body politic. Meanwhile, those in charge keep the pedal to the metal as the cliff’s edge draws ever closer.

There are, of course, some fussbudgets who insist on preaching to an empty choir about the danger ahead. They are variously denounced by the powers that be as “carnival barkers” and “con men” who should be ignored.

Few better symbolize that unenviable role than the truth-slingers at Chicago’s Civic Federation. Researchers there produce reports on the state’s financial troubles almost as fast as those in charge can ignore them.

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